At Pride Pak providing safe quality fresh food is our passion. Our food safety culture is shared by all our employees and our entire organization is committed to providing every customer with the highest quality products and service.

When it comes to food safety, we leave nothing to chance. Our goal is to ensure a proactive farm-to-fork food safety system across our entire supply chain that exceeds government requirements. From the sourcing of raw products in the fields to in-plant processing, to the delivery of the finished product, every step is closely monitored to ensure we consistently meet our customers expectations.

Pride Pak’s growers are held to the highest food safety standards and we insist on annual good agricultural practises audits (GAPs). Reputable, independent third-party audits of the growing and harvesting operations must result in excellent ratings; we accept nothing less. We have our own people working and inspecting the fields daily.

Our processing facilities are state-of-the-art and utilize the latest technology in multi-stage wash and dry systems to prevent food safety concerns. Our highly skilled quality assurance team at each of our facilities track and document the critical control parameters along each step of the process to ensure only the highest quality food safe products are produced.

All employees are appropriately trained and understand our food safety policies and standards designed to prevent contamination to the product and ensure our quality standards are maintained.